long-range video surveillance systemVumii Imaging Inc. introduced the Accuracii long-range video surveillance system family. By combining long-range, continuous-zoom thermal and color video channels on a ruggedized 360-deg. pan-tilt positioner, Accuracii cameras are ideal for protecting borders and high-risk perimeters. This configurable family of systems has several thermal options including three cooled cameras or a continuous zoom un-cooled thermal camera in addition to HD or SD color choices and a range of lens options. Accuracii is available with MWIR 640 by 512 cooled 15µ detectors and three, high-quality zoom lens options, or an LWIR 640 by 480 un-cooled 17µ detector coupled with a 25–225 mm continuous-zoom lens. The LWIR thermal camera provides a low total cost of ownership by eliminating the need to have scheduled maintenance compared with a cooled thermal camera.

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