DSC announced its biggest new product launch ever at ISC West, encompassing 36 products. Tim Myers, director of Product Management – Intrusion, Tyco Security Products, shows some of the new products in the PowerSeries Neo line. PHOTO BY SDM STAFF

Tyco Security Products added two new product suites to its PowerSeries Neo intrusion detection system. During ISC West, Tyco’s DSC brand announced the release of WebSA – System Administrator software to complement the company’s hybrid intrusion system, as well as more than a dozen detectors, keys, sirens and related devices that are all powered by the PowerG wireless technology.

WebSA is a professional end user application that manages multiple systems, gives users the ability to manage, monitor and control the functionality of their PowerSeries Neo security system using user-friendly, intuitive interfaces accessed with real-time dashboards. As a key part of the new DSC PowerSeries Neo suite of hybrid wireless intrusion products for commercial and residential applications, WebSA is complemented by a variety of system administration software suites that includes Remote Diagnostics, a set of issue resolution tools that offer remote diagnostic, inspection and maintenance capabilities to fit a range of industry needs. In addition to supporting remote management, it also supports remote upgrades to the system to ensure users have access to the latest upgrades.

“WebSA is a key element in DSC’s new systems administration software portfolio, which is designed to serve non-technical end users,” explained Tim Myers, director of Product Management, Tyco Security Products. “Whether it’s an HR manager who needs to change employee codes without having to go to individual doors, or a security officer who wants to monitor alarms via a system dashboard, WebSA provides step-by-step instruction and mobile connectivity through user-friendly, easy-to-use applications.”

PowerSeries Neo and its software suite that includes WebSA is based on the mature DLS 5 engine, which runs on the latest Microsoft .NET framework and utilizes an ultra light SQLite database.

Also at ISC West, DSC brought out more than a dozen detectors, keys, sirens and related devices that are all powered by the PowerG wireless technology and compatible with DSC’s PowerSeries Neo platform. PowerG is the robust, commercial grade wireless technology that is designed to reduce operational costs for dealers while providing the ultimate in systems reliability for end users, DSC described.

The new PowerG-enabled devices cover a wide range of functions, beginning with a line of multi-channel, frequency-hopping spread spectrum detectors that overcome frequency blocking and interference from various wireless products and technologies. Devices dynamically optimize their route to the control panel to avoid RF interference. Low power consumption is achieved through adaptive transmission power to support longer battery life.

Included in this group are the PG9904P wireless PowerG PIR motion detector, the PG9905 wireless PowerG temperature detector, the PG9916 wireless PowerG smoke and heat detector, the PG9924 wireless PowerG curtain PIR motion detector, the PG9926 wireless PowerG smoke detector, and the PG9934P wireless PowerG motion detector with integrated camera. The camera is activated upon movement when the detector is armed. Images are sent via the Ethernet or cellular signal to a monitoring station where staff can view, verify and respond accordingly.

These detectors offer 128-bit AES encryption, high transmission ranges for reliable communication within up to a 1.25 miles line of sight and TDMA synchronized communication technology to prevent message collision.

Also part of the PowerG series are the PG9938 wireless PowerG panic key and the PG9939 wireless PowerG 4-button key. The PG9938 is a portable personal protection device, while the 4-button model combines security system management, allowing users to arm and disarm the system or call for help.

Two sirens are included in the series: the PG9911 wireless PowerG outdoor siren and the PG9901 wireless PowerG indoor siren. Both feature differentiated audible and visual alerts for fire, carbon monoxide, burglary and flood events.

The PG9975 wireless PowerG door/window contact provides perimeter protection when installed on common intrusion points such as doors and windows by reporting opening and closings to the security system. The PG9920 wireless PowerG repeater significantly extends the communication range between the alarm system and other PowerG devices, forwarding messages from these wireless PowerG devices to the control panel.

“The introduction of our PowerG line of detectors speaks to our ongoing commitment to growing our wireless intrusion product portfolio for both the residential and commercial markets,” Myers said. “Dealers and end users who want the flexibility, ease of installation, reliability and robustness that our new PowerG wireless devices provide, now have a complete line from which to choose.”

For information, visit www.dsc.com.