won the Consumer Electronic Association's (CEA) Mark of Excellence Award for its Geo-Services technology. Using a homeowner's location, Geo-Services improves smart thermostats by eliminating the guesswork and making automation completely effortless. Geo-Services provides a smarter way to manage your energy use by automatically optimizing for saving when you are away and comfort when you are home, reported in a press release.

The Mark of Excellence Award for the energy efficiency product of the year was presented as part of the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Jay Kenny,'s vice president of marketing, accepted the award on behalf of 

“ focuses on developing the most innovative technology and services to deliver the best connected home experience,” Kenny said. “It's a thrill for to be recognized for our dedication to first to market innovation with this prestigious award from CEA.”

While most smart thermostats guess about activity around the house by looking into one room, analyzes a variety of unique data to optimize energy management for efficiency and comfort, according to the company. With Geo-Services, the user is in control and can opt-in by enrolling their smartphone. Now, whenever the user is away, the home can adjust to save energy and readjust to a comfortable temperature upon return. There is no need to remember to pull out an app, change the thermostat or adjust settings when a schedule unexpectedly changes or when going out of town – Geo-Services takes care of it automatically. Geo-Services also recognizes multiple smartphones so automations are made with the entire family in mind, and it's integrated into the services platform to deliver custom security alerts and improved video monitoring through smarter automation, described.

“Automation is evolving from working simply on-command to effortlessly on your behalf, where the home responds to the homeowner's normal routines and activities. Geo-Services is one example of how's technology intelligently adapts to the homeowner's lifestyle to deliver a highly personalized, intelligent, and valuable experience,” Kenny described.