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San Antonio-based United Central Control (UCC) said it recently adopted new software that provides its dealers with stronger automation features to build more effective customer relationships. The new system, Stages™ from Secure Global Systems (SGS), was selected after two years of research invested by UCC to identify the best system to help their dealers.

“It took a total of three years, including one to implement and troubleshoot the system so it ran smoothly once we went live,” said UCC’s CEO, Don Munford. “The extra time we put into making sure we have the right system in place is a service we always provide with pride to our dealers.”

UCC currently serves 209,000 customer accounts through its relationships with more than 500 dealers across the United States.

Teresa Gonzalez, UCC president, stated, “The decision to switch to Stages™ was rooted in UCC’s mission to provide our dealers with a state-of-the-art technology platform. The open architecture and integration capabilities of Stages™ help us quickly upgrade to adapt to changing technologies in the security industry. That benefits our dealers by ensuring they can deliver to their customers the newer services they seek and deserve.”

Stages™ has advanced technology services and systems such as multiple methods for central stations to offer dealers access to test systems and SMS two-way texting back to operators that delivers results directly to mobile phones, the central station described. “The conversion to Stages™ offers UCC and its dealers new control over dispatch rules with sophisticated scripting to assure quality service,” said Tracey Ritchie, UCC’s vice president and general manager, and lead project manager for the Stages™ implementation.

Stages™ is simple to use with mobile apps for iPhone, Android and tablets, and provides better dealer Web access. The system utilizes an integrated telephone system that allows dealers to listen to central station-recorded customer calls in the customer account history.

“That’s a great convenience for our customers.  The internal features available for UCC to create operator efficiencies through action plans, sophisticated storm techniques and SMS 2-way texting with customer response directly back to operators are all very powerful tools,” Ritchie added.

Mark Matlock, UCC’s senior vice president of sales and marketing stated, “UCC is always looking for ways to differentiate ourselves in the marketplace. The addition of Stages™ is a great step in that direction and consistent with our mantra that quality is the benchmark for all of our products and services.”

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