SmartHome Ventures announced the launch of PEQ (pronounced “peek”), the company's flagship service designed to bring “professional-grade” home automation to the everyday consumer. PEQ allows consumers to view, manage, and receive alerts from their homes through a single app on their smartphone, tablet or PC with no contract requirement.

According to a recent Forrester report, a third of consumers say they are interested in the connected home, but only 1 or 2 percent have connected devices to control lighting, climate, energy, appliances or to provide remote home management.

“With widespread adoption of broadband internet, smartphones and tablets, consumers are ready to embrace the concept of a smart home,” says Ted Schremp, chief executive officer of SmartHome Ventures. “However, consumers are still hesitant because of the lack of a simple, affordable, and consistently reliable platform. With PEQ, we're making home automation easy, reliable and accessible through a consumer friendly design, a rigorous lab certification process for devices, ongoing firmware and app updates, and dedicated customer support.”

How PEQ Works

For just $9.99 a month and no contract, PEQ offers customers the ability to monitor and control their home from a single app.

Customers begin by purchasing a PEQ starter kit for $119.99, which includes a PEQ hub for connectivity, and one PEQ door and window sensor. Customers can then customize their PEQ system according to their unique needs by choosing from a variety of devices including the PEQ camera, smart thermostat, light and appliance modules, motion sensor, water sensor and carbon monoxide detector.

In addition to being able to monitor and manage their home from their smartphone, tablet or PC, PEQ's monthly service allows customers to:

  • Create custom rules that personalize their service, making it simple to tell devices when to turn on or off, how to interact with each other and when and how to contact the end user via e-mail or text message.
  • Stream live video to their smartphone, tablet or computer and record and store video clips and pictures either on demand or based on triggering events such as motion or the opening of a door.
  • Receive ongoing free software updates to their apps and devices so that they'll always work well together.
  • Add an unlimited number of OpenHome Certified devices to the system anytime with no additional monthly fee.
  • Access PEQ's customer care team seven days a week.

The PEQ Platform

PEQ's operating system is powered by Icontrol Networks, and all devices are lab certified.

“Icontrol is excited to bring our proven, best-in-class platform to everyday consumers via the PEQ home automation solution. Icontrol platforms currently manage more than 22 million sensors and devices, unsurpassed in the smart home industry, and our open, extensible platform means PEQ customers won't need to be concerned about interoperability,” said Jim Johnson, executive vice president and general manager at Icontrol. “What's more, our OpenHome Developer Program means PEQ customers will benefit from an expanding array of certified devices, providing a choice of connected devices for consumers and helping drive broad market adoption of the smart home.”

But what about the professional install?

“As the home automation space continues to evolve, Icontrol sees various business model opportunities for the connected home emerging. In order to drive mass adoption of the smart home, we want to give consumers as many options as possible, whether they prefer a professional service provider solution, a self-installed package they can purchase and build upon, or a point solution,” Johnson says. “Now, with the introduction of PEQhome automation system, we're excited to give consumers yet another way for them to experience the benefits of a smart home,” he explains.

 PEQ is available now at and will be available through a growing network of online and in-store distribution partners. It will be available at select Best Buy store locations and on on August 31, 2014.