Mission 500, Miami, a non-profit initiative focusing on the security industry and dedicated to serving the needs of children and communities in crisis, continues to stage numerous events and promotions with security leaders around the world.  Monitronics’ “Backpacks of Promise” program enlisted volunteers to fill backpacks with basic hygienic items and educational supplies along with a note of encouragement from a volunteer. The company met its goal to fill 200 backpacks and raised additional money that will go towards even more. The completed backpacks are being distributed by World Vision to children in need across the United States and around the world.

At press time, the Electronic Security Association (ESA) and Mission 500 were expected to lead a trip to Mexico, October 26-30, to provide families in the San Luis Potosi region with clean drinking water. Participants will construct water sanitation systems and educate families on various health issues.

 Approximately two million children die each year from consuming polluted water and ESA and Mission 500’s efforts in the region will help address the problem by enabling the indigenous population to prevent water pollution rather than trying to control it. As of press time, 15 people had signed up, including five members from ESA and a number of industry veterans.