On display will be several automation advancements and new integrated security products for commercial end users and custom electronics professionals.

Honeywell will highlight its newest connected home and business technologies, including the following:

tuxedo_automationHoneywell Total Connect™ Tracking Services (GPS): This product employs GPS technology to let home and business owners remotely track vehicles and assets in real-time using their personal computers and smart devices. The service is designed to help users keep tabs on family members and employees, monitoring whether they are exceeding speed limits or predetermined geographic boundaries. The service can also aid in recovering missing vehicles and lost or stolen goods. Compatible with passenger cars, light trucks, service vans, jet skis, boats, ATVs, motorcycles, construction equipment, shipping containers, generators, heavy machinery and more, Honeywell Total Connect Tracking Services can be deployed in many scenarios, helping dealers grow their RMR by reaching more customers. It can be offered as a standalone solution or combined with security video and energy management from one seamless, integrated platform. For information, visit www.totalconnecttoolkit.com.


tuxedo_RTATuxedo Touch™ with Voice: Honeywell’s latest version of Tuxedo Touch offers voice command capabilities. It responds to simple speech commands, enabling convenient, hands-free operation for homeowners. By simply saying, “Hello Tuxedo,” and using select, built-in commands such as “Wake Up” or “Bedtime,” they can control security systems, lights and locks in addition to saving energy without having to lift a finger. The system also features video viewing and recording capabilities. Tuxedo Touch, which was designed with custom electronics professionals and security dealers in mind, combines a 7-in. touchscreen and automation controller in one unit. For information, visit www.tuxedotouchtoolkit.com.




lynx_touchLYNX Touch 7000: Honeywell’s all-in-one home security and automation system supports video viewing right on its 7-in., full-color touchscreen — letting security dealers sell up to four cameras on every installation and providing homeowners with a great user experience right out of the box. New lifestyle and control features are designed to make homes smarter. For example, it can be programmed to trigger scenes to occur at dusk and dawn, taking into account seasonal changes in sunrise and sunset. LYNX Touch 7000 can control everything from lights to thermostats, in addition to providing garage door notification and tornado alerts. When paired with Z-Wave® sensors, it can close main water valves when water is detected — potentially averting and minimizing the flood damage. For information, visit www.lynxtouchtoolkit.com.





ball-cameraPerformance Series IP Kits: Honeywell’s embedded network video recorder (NVR) is designed to give homeowners more options for upgrading their surveillance systems. The NVR comes with four ball or bullet cameras in ready-to-install kits, ideal for smaller installations and users interested in upgrading to end-to-end IP video systems. Additional features include power-over-Ethernet for simplified installation and programmable email alerts to alert homeowners of motion detection. For information, visit www.honeywellvideo.com.

WIN-PAK® 4.0: Honeywell’s latest WIN-PAK integrated security system allows users to create a connected business environment, from entry-level to multi-location applications. The three versions of WIN-PAK 4.0 — XE, SE and PE — accommodate a range of needs, from only access control to a fully integrated security system. For information, visit www.honeywellaccess.com.

NetAXS®-123 5.0 EVL: Honeywell’s Web-based modular access control system lets integrators provide customers with simple, scalable and affordable access control —making it easier for small to mid-sized businesses to secure their doors. The system’s modular design allows businesses to purchase only as much access control as needed, down to the specific number of doors, making it easy to add more doors at any time. Ethernet virtual loop (EVL) technology eliminates the need for long runs of multiple cables by replacing them with just one PoE cable per door, reducing installation time and costs. The scalable system allows customers to expand access control as their individual business needs changes. For information, visit www.honeywellaccess.com.