TOA Electronics Inc. is expanding its line of video security products. Two models of network digital video recorders, the C-DR091 (9 channel) and C-DR161 (16 channel), offer several choices of high-capacity hard disk drives. A DVD recorder is available with both versions, allowing convenient data archiving and storage.

Other features include remote surveillance using a standard network browser, and secure user access by way of USB log-in. The built-in network time protocol server ensures automatic and reliable system time synchronization. The NetCanSee Series network video cameras simultaneously transmit MPEG-4ASP format video for real-time monitoring, and MJPEG images for high-quality picture recording. The new C-RM1000 remote controller offers a flexible control surface for combination PTZ dome cameras and DVRs. One C-RM1000 unit can control up to eight TOA digital video recorders, providing users with an expandable and economical video surveillance solution. TOA Electronics Inc.

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