terrace_bodyThe Electronic Security Association, Irving, is busy gearing up for the best Leadership Summit event in the organization’s history. If own or work for a security company and you are in a management or leadership position within your organization, everything at the 2015 ESA Leadership Summit has been designed with you in mind.

The 2015 Summit, slated for Feb. 8-11 at the beautiful Pointe Hilton Tapatio Cliffs Resort in Phoenix, will bring respected security industry professionals to “Link, Learn and Lead” together and share business intelligence to improve both their own companies and the industry as a whole.

Several distinguished speakers will offer seminars on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon full of actionable information attendees can take home and put to use in their companies immediately.  Speakers including Dan Schwabel, Rochelle Carrington, Patrick Thean, Paul Boucherle and Michael Hall will speak on a variety of topics including staffing, growing your sales, employee compensation and much more.

One new facet of this year’s Leadership Summit is the debut of our new networking platform for attendees and sponsors. Registrants are already finding each other via the Leadership Summit registration system where they can view profile information and set up appointments with one another as well as sponsors prior to their arrival. This, along with dedicated meeting time built into the Summit’s schedule, will allow attendees to spend their time more efficiently while making invaluable industry connections.

Along with networking, education is a focal point at the event. Here is a sampling of a couple general sessions:

Interactive Session: What’s Keeping You Awake at Night…Or Should Be

Has the industry reached a tipping point?  Are disruptive technologies, services, and selling methods challenging the very core of traditional alarm companies?  Is this the beginning of the end for traditional security companies as we know it?  This highly interactive session will challenge your thinking about what lies ahead for you, your company and the industry. Attendees should buckle up for a no-holds barred discussion and open exchange that will be filled with hard hitting and thought-provoking content from the industry's who's who. These disruptive thinkers will share their opinions on where they think the industry is headed, how to position your organization for growth, and why it is important to adapt to and leverage the next generation of talent, as well as the impact of the Internet of Things and DIY security.

Building the Workforce of Tomorrow: How to Recruit, Retain & Grow Your Young Talent

Restless Gen-Y workers - often faced with unfulfilling or static positions - frequently leave their posts within two years. But as Millennials become the dominant generation in the office - set to represent 75 percent of the entire workforce by 2025 — companies must learn to keep them engaged and motivated by creating more opportunities for them. How can corporations retain young workers?

In this presentation geared toward leaders and managers, speaker Dan Schawbel shares advice, research, case studies (including Sodexo, Ernst & Young, Intel, DreamWorks, and more), and examples to illustrate how employers can both attract and manage Gen-Y workers to allow them to rise up to leadership positions instead of leaving for other opportunities. You will learn:
• How to more effectively and efficiently manage your workforce
• New strategies and techniques that will help you better attract and retain Millennials
• How to save on recruiting and training costs by getting the most out of the talent you already have

Rhythm - How to Achieve Breakthrough Execution at Accelerate Growth

Using his proven tools, Patrick Thean teaches a simple system to help teams execute better, faster and ensure the organization gets into the habit of achieving success, week after week, quarter after quarter, year after year.

Here is a sampling of some of the smaller breakout seminars that will also take place:

PLAN: How to Choose the Right 3-5 Priorities Every Quarter
If you do not pick the right priorities to focus on, your team will be charging against the wrong target. Patrick Thean will share insights to help teams choose the right priorities every quarter using the Leading Indicator tool.


A business owner can’t grow a winning organization on his own. Some try, but the majority fail when they try to grow their company by themselves. Every famous entrepreneur has built a flourishing company by knowing their strengths and weaknesses. Once those are clearly identified, they surround themselves with great employees by his or her side. During this session, we will clearly identify your strengths and weaknesses.  Once identified, we’ll share HOW to find, source, manage and retain talent.

HR When You Don’t Have an HR Department

You just need a practical human resources (HR) program that makes sense for your small business, and a solid grasp of the laws so you don’t put your company or employees in jeopardy. Learn the top HR rules to live by so you know how to handle the most common HR issues appropriately and lawfully.

Money Does Grow on Trees – Referral Trees

Referrals are the easiest way to grow your sales but in today’s environment there are not enough of them. Learn to change your behaviors, attitudes and techniques in generating referrals and grow your business in a way you have never experienced before. 

Compensation Trends and Strategies That Drive Security Business Results

This session will explore the trends and share case studies of compensation programs used by security dealers and integrators to drive expected results. All companies are different in their business and cultural core values. Compensation strategies should incorporate both financial and “soft” personal growth goals for not just sales teams but all of your employees. Companies that recognize teamwork drives results must expand their perspectives on the motivational trigger points that drive employee behavior. Results are measured in net growth and the quality of their customer revenue streams. Motivating tenured and new employees is key to migrating to new business goals.

Special Events—Networking & Awards

Attendees will kick off things off with the Sunday Funday evening event on February 8th that will give all attendees a chance to get reacquainted.

Monday will feature the addition of a fun “speed networking” event that gives participants an opportunity to create new relationships and enhance existing connections at the beginning of the Summit. This event will be followed by the Monday evening reception graciously sponsored by ADI, Altronix and Security America RRG and will set the stage for follow up conversations throughout the duration of the Summit.

The announcement of the prestigious, Morris F. Weinstock Person of the Year will take place during the Tuesday morning Interactive Session. The award is graciously sponsored by ESA’s exclusive Diamond Executive Strategic Partner, Interlogix.

The Diamond Event is always a highlight of each Leadership Summit. This year the event, also sponsored by Interlogix, will take place on Tuesday evening at The Terrace Room located on property and prominently perched atop a mountain providing astounding city views.

The Wednesday General Session will feature the announcement of the Sara E. Jackson Award winner. This award is generously sponsored by Honeywell, ESA’s exclusive Platinum Executive Strategic Partner.

This year the Summit will close with a bonfire at the Hilton Tapatio’s Hidden Valley. You will not want to miss the perfect culmination to a productive week filled with actionable information and invaluable connections.

Please visit www.ESA-Summit.com to register today, or if you have any questions please feel free to contact ESA Vice President of Sales & Marketing Shannon Murphy at (972) 807-6835 or via email at Shannon.Murphy@ESAweb.org