At Samsung Techwin America’s recent STEP Partner conference held last month in Cancun, Mexico, SDM received an exclusive preview of what the company will be introducing at ISC West and beyond.

Entry Level Camera Line

Samsung Techwin will be expanding their camera offerings to include a new line of cost-effective IP cameras, WiseNet Lite, that take the key features of the company’s WiseNet III chipset and offer them at a lower price point.

WiseNet Lite will launch in April and May with 10 new cameras and four IP kits aimed at the entry level of the market.

Forest Liu, product marketing manager for Samsung Techwin, said, “This is a new product segment. WiseNet Lite is targeted at the lower cost, smaller scale project and will come with a similar quality of WiseNet III, but take out features such as auto-focus, open platform and advanced analytics. This is really a new market segment for us, targeted at the lower end of the market.”

The WiseNet Lite cameras will come in varifocal and fixed, indoor and outdoor lenses and will include features such as hallway view and lens distortion correction. IP kits will include four options, including a fisheye 5 MP camera.

4K and Beyond

At the top end of the market, Samsung Techwin will announce improvements and additions to its PTZ and high megapixel offerings.

The ultra high definition 4K cameras will feature edge analytics, 4000x3000 12 MP resolution and 30 fps. They are scheduled for production in May.

“This is more than just 4K,” Liu said. “We are releasing a mature product with better low light and tested across all platforms. This is not just the traditional way of thinking.”

 Samsung Techwin will also demonstrate its box and dome 5 MP cameras featuring superior low light performance using a backlit imager for very low noise performance; IR bullet and dome high megapixel cameras that are H.256 compression ready; and PTZ cameras with up to 43 times optical zoom, auto tracking and video analytics on the edge.