Guardian Protection Services  Inc., Warrendale, Pa.,  announced that it is now providing funding to its authorized dealers on a daily basis for the accounts it purchases.  “This can make a significant difference in a dealer’s business,” said Brian Helt, vice president Guardian Authorized Dealer Program, stating that the flow of capital on a daily basis can positively impact key factors in a dealer’s operation, ranging from the ability to take advantage of local marketing opportunities to being able to better invest in sales and technical talent. 

To achieve its daily funding arrangement Guardian invested in the development of proprietary software, leveraging its internal Information Technology division to build the necessary platform and processes. “If we approve an account on Monday, we fund it on Tuesday,” said Helt.  He commented, “I would consider this revolutionary for companies our size and who also have dealer programs. Most hold an account for three weeks before issuing payment to the dealer. It’s their [the dealers’] money that is being held and we don’t believe that to be an optimal position for the dealer. While Guardian was already issuing funding on a weekly basis, we endeavored to do even better for our dealer partners.” 

The decision to fund its dealers on a daily rather than weekly basis is part of Guardian’s ongoing plan to utilize its stability and financial wherewithal for the development and nurture of meaningful partnerships with its dealers – those creating a platform for long-term, quality growth by the dealer. Last year at this time Guardian launched a program allowing qualified dealers to own accounts that are financed directly through Guardian, eliminating the need for a financial intermediary.

 “Daily funding is the latest advancement in our long-term drive to being a true partner to our dealers. We are passionate about this and will strive to continue to offer new services that deliver significant, positive impact to dealers in the security industry,” said Helt.