DICE will be selling I-View Now’s video solutions through its Dice UL-Listed Cloud Center. “In the past, both of our companies offered video products that were sold independently by each company. This was difficult, as the DICE clients expect to receive all their product signals from DICE. Now that DICE is using a wholesale arrangement with I-View Now, we have solved the DICE users’ issues,” said Cliff Dice, founder and chief engineer at DICE Corp.

The DICE Monitoring and Event Management system stores every part of every event in the events history, including the alarm, video, voice recording and any notes added during an event to ensure total accuracy in every event managed through the DICE Matrix software. Everything in DICE is fully integrated into one solution to provide for easy retrieval of all of the data.

“Our clients also expect DICE to support all the products that we’ve built into DICE,” said Dice. “Our clients expect 24/7 support, and with what I-View Now has done, we can offer this support. DICE will be Tier 1 support and I-View Now will provide Tier 2 support.”

DICE views solutions such as I-View Now’s Web-based offering as the next generation of event or alarm receiver. I-View Now is essentially sending DICE an event, and DICE is receiving this video event through its Web-based connection and delivering this event along with all the other signals it is receiving specific to the event.

“At DICE we believe that these new and advanced receiving systems are providing our clients with a competitive advantage and a leading role in the marketplace. We’re also demanding that video and audio endpoints be perfected through integrations in order to provide accurate and effective results,” said Dice.

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