Central Station Alarm Association Int’l (CSAA) Rolls Out Videos


Earlier this year, CSAA Executive Director Jay Hauhn introduced CSAA 365, an ongoing video series available on YouTube. So far, the association has debuted several videos, including the “CSAA Wikis” that help businesses learn about the industry all year long; a video presentation by the 2015 CSAA Annual Meeting’s keynote speaker, Stan Stahl; and a one-minute reminder about CSAA’s Security Industry Recruiting Center. The video page is updated on a regular basis, so make to visit to see what’s new from CSAA: www.youtube.com/user/CSAAIntl.


Is Your School Safe & Secure?


Safety and security in schools remains a high-priority issue for the industry. To help school officials work out a safety plan, ADT offers an online checklist that educators can review, free of charge. The checklist is designed to expose potential weak spots on a school campus that could be vulnerable to security breaches. The checklist is made up of 13 “yes or no” questions for school officials to answer. If parties are interested, the checklist can be sent back for a free assessment evaluation based on the answers to the checklist. Of course, ADT is banking on checklist users to consider its services, but the checklist itself is a useful tool of items to consider when thinking about school safety and security. The checklist is available online at http://bit.ly/1TcRHLK.


ADI Offers Tips to Choosing Video Products


The global market for cameras, recorders and switches will reach approximately $43 billion in the next four years, according to two research firms, Research and Markets and Transparency Market Research. The dollar amount may be staggering, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise to industry experts — video surveillance is a critical component to an overall security plan. Because of the robust video market, even seasoned integrators can use a hand when shopping for the best video product selections to sell to their customers.

ADI Global offers, via its blog page, a list of tips to use “when comparing how manufacturers design, integrate and assure the quality of their video products,” writes blogger and author Garrett Savage. Check it out at http://bit.ly/1KBQLiG.


What’s on iTunes? Rent the Industry-Related Episode of ‘My Million Dollar Invention’

 On June 28, the Smithsonian Channel’s series, My Million Dollar Invention, covered the history of the alarm industry. The episode, “Criminal Riches,” is described: “How did one man’s invention to save soldiers’ lives set off an American crime wave? Which common household appliance first existed as a flattened chicken bone adorned with animal hair? And what’s the connection between burglar alarms and the literary team of Holmes and Watson?” The show is available for $2.99 via iTunes. Visit the show’s website at http://bit.ly/1LPA3wp to learn more.