MKS, a provider of back-office management accounting and service, and central station automation software to the security alarm industry, released its latest product version, Millennium Stark version 35. Stark is the latest branded version in the Millennium series, which replaces last year’s version Neo. The release coincides with the company’s 30-year anniversary in 2015.

MKS’ main value proposition is that they are truly a single-source solution, the company described. As one vendor, MKS does both aspects of a business in a single database, and Stark is designed to be a powerful tool in that process, it said.

According to a release from MKS, Stark encompasses a new and simple yet powerful user interface, new data entry flow and reports, numerous shortcuts, and much more efficient processes. This new version incorporates a completely new front end with customizable layouts as well as a welcome screen and new operator reports. Stark is designed to deliver strong signal processing and does not require a DBA.

A completely new user interface makes Stark’s enhancements and updates immediately evident. The interface is designed to provide users with a clean and easy-to-navigate experience with the software. “It was time for a refresh,” said MKS President Victoria Ferro. “Interfaces now are a lot more simplistic. They’re less complicated. The way people want to do data entry has changed; the way that they want to view data has changed. Another really important change is that consumers want things that are relevant to them.”

Stark offers new mobile applications along with hundreds of enhancements and upgrades. The new sales app, MKSales, is designed specifically for security alarm professionals. The iPad app allows them to add or manage existing prospects, calls, appointments, tasks and sales matrices. MKSales also gives users the ability to create site surveys, write proposals and close proposals with signature capture.

The new Web Dealer portal will allow contract central stations to provide tools their dealers can use for their data entry and reporting portals.

Stark also includes a new service dashboard for service managers. According to MKS, the new dealer billing for contract central stations will revolutionize the way they’re able to run the billing to their dealers by simplifying the process and eliminating many of the manual billing processes.

With new tools, Stark offers increased performance and a better end-user experience. It’s faster, more efficient, better optimized to meet the needs of central stations and alarm dealers.

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