Bosch’s Commercial Series family of motion detectors detect intruders from wall to wall with a broad coverage range of 50 x 50 ft. Technology features include sophisticated First Step Processing to deliver an instant response to the first step of an intruder. Dynamic temperature compensation also ensures detection at virtually any temperature, providing optimal performance regardless of room conditions. Active Infrared Anti-mask detects materials being placed in front of or sprayed onto the detector. Sensitivity is adjustable to provide the flexibility to fit a range of commercial environments while reducing the number of models integrators need to keep in inventory. Stringent testing ensures catch performance exceeds the regulations of any single country to comply with standards throughout the world. Microwave noise adaptive processing adjusts to background disturbances, such as a ceiling fan or hanging sign, to easily differentiate humans from false alarm sources. The sealed optical chamber prevents drafts and insects from affecting the detector. These detectors also feature small-animal immunity up to 10 lbs. Two models of detectors are available for a range of applications. The TriTech motion detector meets the needs of a wide range of commercial applications. It uses a combination of passive infrared and microwave Doppler radar detection technology along with First Step Processing. For high-security applications, the TriTech+ motion detector with Anti-mask features higher sensitivity and anti-mask capabilities to detect materials being placed in front of or sprayed onto the detector. Both models offer selectable sensitivity and LED visibility as well as an adjustable microwave Doppler radar range to reduce false alarms.

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