The XTS Touchscreen is an in-wall touchscreen that runs an embedded version of the MyRussound app. XTS works exclusively with Russound MCA-Series/C-Series controllers and XStream systems. It connects to the network rather than the controller, making placement even more flexible. Plus, the XTS makes it easy to keep interfaces up-to-date with MyRussound app software updates. By placing the app in a permanent location on a wall, the XTS is designed to give users full control and easy access to their Russound system, eliminating the need for your phone or tablet to simply change the volume or switch favorites. It’s PoE requires only one CAT-5/6 cable run to a single-gang workbox or p-ring at the location. Features include:

  • large 4.7-in. hi-res. QHD display;
  • cortex-A9 dual core processor;
  • adjustable display brightness and screen timeout settings to tailor to any room or user requirements;
  • supports all MCA-Series/C-Series controllers and XStream systems; and
  • controls any zone within a Russound system.

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