3xLOGIC, Inc., Westminster, Colo., a provider of integrated intelligent security solutions, has completed installation of 3xLOGIC’s Intelli-M access control solution at nearly 700 doors across 10 buildings in the Denver, Texas school district. Plans call to complete an additional 200 doors by the end of the current year.

In late 2010, Denver City Schools (Texas) approached security integrator Digital Air Control (DAC), seeking a solution to their access control requirements. A competitive solution that had been installed in one of their facilities previously had fallen short of expectations and alternative solutions offered by local providers were cost prohibitive. The stand-alone locksets that were installed initially ran on batteries and required that someone with a PDA physically go to each door and re-program them. Obviously, this was time-consuming and costly.

Denver City Schools sought a solution that could be centrally managed via a web-based interface and had a more predictable power supply. Through their ongoing partnership with Digital Air Control, Denver City Schools was introduced to the infinias Intelli-M solution by 3xLOGIC.

Digital Air Control’s relationship with Denver City Schools had focused primarily on HVAC and lighting automation to achieve better management of facility resources and improved cost-savings. DAC had not previously worked with the Intelli-M system. Dan Moore, regional manager of the Lubbock branch, said, “My initial impression of the Intelli-M solution was that it was much better in both design and cost than other access control system I had seen. In further dealings with infinias (now 3xLOGIC), I found them to be very customer centric and their technical support was outstanding.”

DAC first installed the Intelli-M solution in Denver City School’s new Industrial Arts Building. Digital Air Control later installed Intelli-M in Denver City’s new field house and bus barn, where they integrated access control into the overhead door systems and used long-range readers to enable busses access from drive-up gates. Digital Air Control also provided the school system with integration of the Intelli-M Access interface into a total-building management interface as well as remote management and maintenance of all of the schools’ systems.

After the locations noted above, DAC moved on to the school district’s maintenance and distribution facilities. In total, 10 buildings now boast the Intelli-M access control system, with more in the planning stages. “infinias’ (and now 3xLOGIC’s) ongoing reinvestment in their product gives us an ever-improving solution to offer to our customers,” said Pete Kurtz, president of Digital Air Control.