RSI Video Technologies Inc.  entered into a partnership with PSA Security Network to distribute Videofied’s next generation of wireless outdoor battery-powered cameras along with the rest of Videofied’s wireless video alarm systems. PSA Security Network is an electronic security cooperative, owned by North American security integrators, who are responsible for more than $2 billion annually in security, fire and life safety installations.

“Our partnership with Videofied opens untapped markets for our members,” said Bill Bozeman, president and CEO of PSA Security Network. “The new filtered monitoring feature, which helps to weed out false alarms, dramatically lowers the total system cost and drives additional value for our members looking for outdoor video alarm system solutions.”

Keith Jentoft, president of Videofied, said, “Videofied’s next generation of battery-powered outdoor cameras and filtered monitoring revolutionize outdoor security with significantly improved performance and new monitoring options. Videofied secures outdoor and remote assets with no cables or wires at a fraction of the cost of traditional CCTV cameras.”

According to its press release, Videofied is unique because it is truly wireless; the only infrastructure needed is a cell signal — no power or Ethernet cables are necessary because the entire system runs on batteries. Videofied cameras can run for years on batteries and have a proven record securing critical infrastructure in harsh environments — from oil rigs in Canadian winters to electrical substations in Arizona summers, according to the company.

The new cameras are designed as a cost-effective solution to prevent copper theft or secure construction sites. Videofied is professionally monitored to deliver priority response in the event of a real crime, immediately sending the video clip of the intruder to a central station for review and police dispatch. Filtered monitoring opens even more cost-sensitive applications, according to Patrick Devereaux, vice president of Emergency 24. Devereau said, “Filtered monitoring is the most affordable approach to outdoor security because it allows the customer to filter any false alarms and only send actual crimes to the central station for dispatch and police response."

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