The Security Industry Alarm Coalition (SIAC) has added law enforcement veteran Bob Pence to its team. SIAC represents one voice for the electronic security industry on alarm management issues working directly with law enforcement leaders throughout the U.S. and Canada on alarm management issues.
Bob Pence is joining SIAC after a 30-year career with the FBI in executive and supervisory positions. He retired as special agent in charge of Colorado with divisional headquarters in Denver. He has also served in the private sector as an advisor and consultant for companies involved in public safety products and services.   
“Bob brings decades of experience and national law enforcement contacts to the SIAC team,” said Stan Martin, SIAC executive director. “His law enforcement expertise, experience as a law enforcement executive, as well as his knowledge of our industry will be a force multiplier for the SIAC team.”
Pence said, “SIAC is an organization that has helped law enforcement embrace new technology while respecting its sometimes limited resources. The dialog between the electronic security industry and law enforcement is invaluable to all parties protecting and serving the public.”
In addition to Pence, retired chiefs Glen Mowrey, Tom Sweeney, Steve Keefer and Chuck Brobeck are at the forefront of SIAC’s successful efforts to reduce alarm dispatches, through implementation of the Model Ordinance.     
“The other retired law enforcement members on the SIAC team have been a tremendous asset in helping us communicate within the law enforcement community, better understand their issues and strategies, and develop win-win solutions to alarm management issues,” said Martin.