Yale Locks & Hardware, Berlin, Conn., has the solution for Airbnb hosts looking to simplify managing access to their property —smart locks instead of keys — and Yale is now working with Airbnb to offer hosts a range of keyless options for controlling guest access to their homes.


Hosts can now find a variety of Yale Real Living keyless locks in the Airbnb directory that allow them to eliminate physical keys entirely. Options include keypad models with a unique PIN assigned to each guest, a Bluetooth lock where the key is the guest’s smartphone, and Linus, a lock designed for the Nest home. With Yale locks, hosts have the ability to control access for guests without ever having to share a physical key.


“Our Yale Real Living line eliminates the hassle of delivering and managing physical keys while at the same time enhancing security for everybody involved,” said Jason Williams, general manager, Yale Residential. “Hosts and guests on Airbnb will appreciate the convenience of delivering keys electronically and the peace of mind that comes with never having to wonder if the guest has a key.”


Hosts attending this year’s Airbnb Open, the company’s annual host convention held November 12-14 in Paris, were introduced to one of Yale’s newest innovations — the Linus lock. Using Nest Weave over Thread, the Linus lock lets guests check if the door is open or closed, set up passcodes providing different levels of access and see when guests came and left — all from the Nest app.


The program also includes the Yale Real Living line of key free pushbutton and touchscreen deadbolts. These can be used as standalone locks or integrated into a security or home automation system with the addition of Z-Wave or Zigbee to offer the option of remote access, scheduling, revoking access and other features. Soon to be available is the new Yale Real Living Assure Lock with Bluetooth, which replaces conventional keys with digital keys access through the Yale Digital Keys app for Android and iOS mobile devices. Hosts can send keys to guests, control when guests have access, get a message when a guest enters, and more.