Locks & Hardware announced its line of Yale Real Living Assure Locks will be HomeKit compatible by the end of March 2017 with the addition of a HomeKit Network Module. The Yale HomeKit Network Module will add a new level of convenience for Yale Real Living customers with support for the Apple Home app in iOS10 and Siri voice commands, according to the company.

The addition of a HomeKit module allows users to lock and unlock their home by using the Apple Home app, Yale companion app or with Siri voice commands on an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch or Apple Watch. In addition, the HomeKit Network Module will be compatible with the recently launched Yale nexTouch wireless.

Siri voice support adds an entirely new level of convenience for homeowners by allowing them to check the current lock status of their door or lock/unlock with a simple voice command — for example, “Siri, is my front door locked?” and “Siri, lock the front door.”

“We strive to constantly develop products that enhance our user’s everyday lives and we are extremely excited to continue this with the launch of our HomeKit Network Module,” said Jason Williams, general manager, Yale Residential. “This module will work with our line of Assure Locks and will provide a level of customer experience that we pride ourselves on.”

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