CINCH Systems Launches New Website

CINCH systems launched a new website to better serve the diverse security needs of end users as well as contract installers. The new site is segmented into three high-security product categories including intrusion detection, vehicle barrier system controls, and door and security gate controls. The site features an easy-to-navigate design and a new search function, providing online visitors with the ability to quickly find the needed security product or other information. Additionally, the site is responsive, enabling it to work on all devices, operating systems and screen sizes. To see their new site visit www.cinchsystems.com.



Interactive Website Offers Visitors a Unique Experience

Avigilon offers visitors an interactive website for hands-on security choices. As vehicles — cars, semis, trains, and trucks — travel around the on-screen city’s streets, website visitors have the ability to click on orange circular icons located around certain structures that represent a security vertical in which Avigilon offers video surveillance and/or access control solutions. This takes visitors to a pop-up screen with the ability to choose “video surveillance” or “access control” based on a brief bullet-pointed description of what each type of solution can offer, and by clicking on the blue “learn more” button, more detailed information is revealed. To experience this hands-on approach to security, visit www.avigilon.com.



New Website Tab Differentiates Integrator

Operational Security Systems Inc., member of Security-Net, realizes that physical electronic security integrators are not all made alike, and it’s through hundreds of projects that integrators develop precise capabilities to bring to the market. As a unique twist on this company’s website, visitors will see a tab entitled “What We Do Best,” which lists Operational Security Systems’ capabilities that set it apart in the industry. This tab takes the place of the traditional “services” and/or “products” tabs that are typically seen on websites, giving it a fresh approach. Go to www.ossatl.com and click on the “What We Do Best” tab.



Automatic-Play Video Immediately Connects With Visitors

At the top, centered on All American Monitoring’s website, visitors will find a video, complete with subtitles that automatically begins to play upon arrival. Within 17 seconds, the video appeals directly to dealers by detailing all of the key benefits that a monitoring service should offer to ensure dealer and end user satisfaction. As the video continues, it explains how All American Monitoring can help dealers be successful, including a demo of how employees answer incoming calls to protect each dealer’s brand. Visit allamericanmonitoring.com to learn more.