SECURE+ Showcases  Enhanced Services

Using the Internet to improve business credibility can be a double-edged sword. Consumers can gather information endlessly online and yet we’re constantly reminded that not everything you read on the Internet is true. The Electronic Security Association created a new website to give credible information to consumers about enhanced security services. The new SECURE+ initiative aims to promote enhanced services through education, marketing and funding. The site features a consumer gateway that leads to information about product categories, industry awards and a find-an-integrator-near-you feature. There is also an integrator gateway on the site for those who want to join the program. As ESA’s executive director and chief executive officer, Merlin Guilbeau, stated, it is important to showcase the range of services ESA member companies have been providing for quite some time.





WESCO Launches Data Center App for iPad

WESCO Distribution, Pittsburgh, released its data center App for iPad in the App Store. The new app provides data center managers with instant access to the latest products wherever they go from one mobile interface. Users can quickly find solutions based on the types of challenges they face in their data center. This app focuses exclusively on content geared to the data center, providing more in-depth product information organized according to solution, rather than product category.





How-To Video Series

Silent Knight by Honeywell expanded the free fire alarm training and technical support it offers by developing a series of “How-To” videos, covering the most common topics addressed by its Technical Support Team. Each video runs less than three minutes in length and is free and easy to view on www.silentknight.com and YouTube from a computer or mobile device. The brief videos show, step-by-step, how to program a fire alarm control panel for elevator recall, troubleshoot ground faults and more.





Dedicated Website Content

Clare Controls reorganized and updated its website to add dedicated content for various types of visitors, to include new product information and to make it easier for everyone to navigate. The homepage now features a three-tiered design where visitors can choose between three tabs. The Integrators tab gives access to the combined content of the company’s original residential and commercial Integrators sections, including complete product descriptions, specifications, etc. The Homeowners tab offers all-new content: an overview of ClareHome and its benefits for prospects and customers. And the Builders tab has a sneak peek at where the company is headed in providing new opportunities for its certified partners.