Samsung Techwin America announced a partnership with Veracity, and together they are launching TRINITY, an IP network video surveillance solution that does not require a network video recorder. TRINITY takes advantage of the processing power of Samsung WiseNetIII open platform cameras, enabling it to simultaneously run multiple on-board, edge-based applications, including Veracity’s COLDSTORE “direct-to-storage” recording solution.

“The capability to record and store metadata directly to COLDSTORE is particularly important as customers are increasingly specifying WiseNetIII cameras to run applications that collect and analyze data using video analytics solutions,” said Tom Cook, vice president of sales, Samsung Techwin America.

TRINITY offers a robust, scalable system that supports audio and metadata as well as video, in addition to offering innovative features such as camera-level fail-over and resilience to network interruptions, the companies described. With a COLDSTORE array of up to 120 TB consuming just 60 watts, there is also a potential 90 percent power savings compared with standard server-based storage solutions.

“The TRINITY architecture allows the Samsung WiseNetIII cameras to record directly to COLDSTORE, while providing users with the option to retrieve and view the recorded images via our TRINITY Player utility, or more significantly, by any third-party PSIM or VMS client application that incorporates our media SDK,” said Alastair McLeod, Veracity’s Group CEO.

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