The FLIR TCX PTZ is a thermal PTZ camera that is compatible with the industry’s top video standards and includes onboard video motion detection analytics. It uses a thermal camera to provide an accurate alarm assessment and visual verification. The camera is compatible with existing security systems, including FLIR’s MPX, or HDCVI, IP and analog. It is also ONVIF Profile S compliant to easily integrate with legacy intrusion detection technology like shaker fences, trip wires and motion detectors. The TCX PTZ combines VMD analytics and FLIR’s wide dynamic range thermal video technology to display high-contrast foreground and background details that improves video analytics performance. Available in either 640 x 480 resolution with a 32-deg. lens or 320 x 240 resolution with a 25-deg. lens, both with 4x continuous eZoom and continuous 360-deg. panning, the TCX PTZ captures video footage at multiple angles and perspectives.

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