Here at ISC West, SureView Systems, a global provider of commercial central station and enterprise command center software, is showcasing the benefits and capabilities of its Immix Command Center (CC) software platform and demonstrating expanded technologies and programs, including its SureView Certified Partner program, which was unveiled last summer.

At ISC West, SureView is recognizing central station partners who have earned certification, which allows qualified SureView partners to identify themselves as having met all the requirements to become a certified center, including the certification of staff in SureView’s new central station training program. Additionally, the certification requires partners to ensure their staff is trained and certified on the SureView platform, meet disaster recovery requirements and have a certain number of accounts online, to name a few criteria.

“We provide this certification to our partners to indicate that they not only use our Immix solution but also have a good understanding of their customer base and how they can use Immix to evolve to serve customers’ new and changing demands,” said Chris Brown, SureView’s director of central stations. “Certified partners are the best of the best; they’ve earned their stripes and they’re prepared to provide leading-edge services for their customers.”

Yesterday afternoon, SureView presented Acadian Monitoring Services of Lafayette, La., with an award to signify that the company had achieved certified center partner status. Brandon Niles, Acadian’s director of operations, said his company is honored to earn the certification based on the strength of the Immix platform and SureView’s support services.

“For Acadian, it’s simple. We see where video is going and the types of services and capabilities our customers are looking for, and there’s nobody else who’s as prepared for the changes as SureView,” he said. “With SureView, when we encounter a new product we’re not used to, they’ll be right there to help us. There aren’t a lot of companies that would do that.”

Acadian receives access to the SureView training program, special designation as a certified partner on the company website, beta access to new integrations and software enhancements, as well as national sales support.

SureView will demonstrate Immix CC at the booths of its strategic partners, including

SmartVue in Booth 8125 and VCA Technology in Booth 7017.

Immix CC software is a cloud-based security management and intelligence platform designed to combine the capabilities of multiple disparate security systems and business processes together, including video surveillance, access control, IP audio, geo-mapping, risk management and compliance under a single, unified platform.

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