The exacqVision LC-Series Una recorder includes exacqVision VMS software, server and integrated PoE+ camera ports. Users can connect up to 16 cameras per recorder and store up to 12 TB of video per system. The high output power supply provides up to 25 watts per camera and a maximum of 120 watts per eight cameras and 240 watts per 16 cameras. Pre-loaded with exacqVision software for every IP camera port, Una recorders come with up to 16 exacqVision Start VMS software IP camera licenses. Users can view and administrate live and recorded video directly from the recorder using the included exacqVision client, or remotely using a Web browser or exacqVision client on a separate computer. Using exacqVision EasyConnect, the software can find, address and connect Illustra, Axis and Arecont Vision IP cameras to a network automatically and self-configure for motion-based recording. The LC-Series Una is scalable with the entire line of exacqVision servers and software.
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