The Smartvue S2 is a self-configuring wireless IP video surveillance system that uses 802.11n MIMO long-range wireless technology and one-click surveillance to enable simple, wireless installation in almost any size business or home. It allows monitoring from almost any PC or cell phone and is especially beneficial for homes that are located where police no longer respond to alarm company calls, according to the manufacturer. Users place up to 10 cameras, plug the wireless DVR into their PC or network and turn it on. The system automatically finds each camera, configures it, optimizes the signal and then locks it to the recorder to prevent hacking. The user can use simple settings to set notification of motion detection and remote PC or cell phone live-view. The user would receive a cell phone text message with attached image of the intruder when a back door is opened after 6 p.m., for example. The system records DVD resolution video to its own built-in DVR.Smartvue Corp.

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