AFA Protective Systems Inc. (AFA), a New York-based fire safety and security systems integrator, has now expanded its fire protection services in the Florida marketplace to include sprinkler system inspection, testing, maintenance and repair.  
For more than 143 years, AFA has provided a full array of fire alarm, monitoring and security services to its customers. Due to numerous customer requests in the Florida region, AFA, ranked No. 23 on the SDM 100 and No. 11 on the SDM Top Systems Integrators Report, made the decision to expand its offerings in Florida and include these new fire protection services to better serve its customers.
AFA has acquired industry experience and talent in the Florida area to help drive the success of its new fire protection services. In addition, AFA is a member of the National Fire Sprinkler Association and has become a valuable resource to the community. “Fire protection system maintenance is the law in Florida, plus it makes good sense to limit the risk of personal injury and property loss by properly maintaining all fire protection and life safety systems to help keep everything in good working condition,” said Jim Johnson, AFA’s regional manager in Florida. “It’s imperative for businesses to invest in their fire protection systems today, to help prevent any losses due to an unknown system impairment in the future.” 
Proper, professional inspection, testing & maintenance are typically available for a few hundred dollars per year. AFA aims to help its customers avoid duplication of costs and be assured of efficiency in diagnostics and repair services.