The newest release of the Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services Software app includes push notifications for iOS devices, and it also integrates with Apple TV, giving homeowners new ways to keep tabs on their dwellings. The push notifications offer real-time alerts across all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch), keeping homeowners connected with security, video, automation and GPS tracking events. Apple TV integration allows homeowners to engage with their video cameras using their home TV. Homeowners can stream live video feeds, view multiple locations, review video events, record video clips of live events, remotely move pan/tilt cameras and see live security system statuses. This app is available for free download in the Apple TV App Store. Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services Software provides real-time messaging and alerts so that home and business owners can remotely arm, disarm and check the status of their security systems. For dealers, the wireless service enables faster installation and easy product simulation.