The National Systems Contractors Association (NSCA) has a new online training program to help integrators’ new employees get started on the right foot.

The C-SIP (certificate as a systems integration professional) program provides the right level of industry- and job-specific training and onboarding for new employees in an online, at-your-own-pace environment — without placing the training or information-transfer burden onto existing staff members.

More than five hours of online training is included in each C-SIP track. Training sessions begin with a 45-minute introduction to the industry, from explaining what integrators do, to the impact of technology on organizations worldwide. The sessions then move into specialized training based on the subject selected: finance, marketing, operations, or sales.

“The new C-SIP program helps integrators provide the necessary onboarding and training required by new employees without draining existing staff resources to do so,” says NSCA Executive Director Chuck Wilson. “Existing employees can remain focused on their responsibilities instead of spending valuable time bringing new hires up to speed on the industry and their specific roles.”

The C-SIP program is available exclusively to NSCA members for $295 per program.

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