Napco Security Technologies Inc. announced that it has enhanced its Napco StarLink 2G-Radio Replacement Tradeup Program, with free StarLink Verizon Certified CDMA or AT&T 3/4G Intrusion Radios and Commercial Fire Communicators, from just $29.95 net — and a new $100 tradeup incentive.

Universal StarLink Cellular Alarm Communicators support any alarm panel reporting in Contact ID and 4/2 and are easy to use. With 4-wire installation, and automatic dialer-capture, dealers just enter the Radio ID. StarLink reliably communicates, primary or backup, from virtually anywhere to any central station and requires no special equipment or activation fee. Likewise, StarLink Fire Sole and Dual Path Cellular/IP Commercial Fire Alarm Communicators offer NFPA72/UL code compliance for any FACP/panel brand — a big savings over leased landlines, Napco reported. StarLink is a painless go-to 2G-replacement solution for vanishing older cell networks and/or landlines, Napco described.

2G alarm signal communications are scheduled to cease working on Jan. 1, 2017, according to a Napco whitepaper. At that time, the 2G Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) cellular network will no longer provide signal transport for alarm systems. Communications will also be lost for the millions of machine-to-machine (M2M) 2G devices employed in all kinds of equipment, such as soda and candy dispensers, ATMs, car alarms and many other applications. Like the facilities these cellular communications units protect, these M2M applications involve the supervision of product levels, detection, vandalism and theft.

To help the transition process, Napco has improved on its 2G trade-up plan, specifically designed to help the dealer transition and safeguard his/her accounts and pay for making the investment in the future of their business — helping offset the cost for both the new hardware and its installation. StarLink’s 2G Trade-up Radio incentive program works with virtually any brand panel installation in the U.S. With its suggested dealer price of under $100, plus the dealer radio tradeup incentive — increased to a $100 credit incentive on any model — the net intrusion radio cost can be as low as free to the dealer.

“It’s the least expensive solution on the market to help protect the dealers’ account base, and there’s no limit on the number of radios traded-up either,” said Judy Jones-Shand, vice president of Napco marketing. “It’s a win-win all around. The dealer protects the account and keeps that RMR; the alarm system continues reporting on the latest network using StarLink’s proven signal reporting technology; and the consumer continues to have the peace of mind delivered by their security system, into the foreseeable future.

“Furthermore, since StarLink is reporting on the new data-centric networks, consumers can use a smartphone app to also turn their security system on and off remotely, which is a great inroad to dealers to upsell their clients on new connected home services later.”

Even though the deadline is not until January, on the fire side, some fire alarm dealers have already experienced 2G service failures. The two most common reasons for this are the cell carrier has prematurely pulled the plug on the local 2G network and AT&T is shifting 2G service to a higher frequency, Napco explained.

The fire alarm dealer then has to make the choice of installing an external antenna, which can cost anywhere from $50 to $150, or upgrade the radio by installing a newer 3G model, which usually carries a lower price tag, especially when taking advantage of Napco’s StarLink replacement offer.

The same trade-up program is available on StarLink Fire Commercial Fire Alarm Communicators and Mercantile (metal) models, which work on any FACP panel that communicates in Contact ID or 4/2. The promotion works the same way, with $100 on any model traded up to StarLink. That means instead of costly leased landlines on fire panels, and in compliance with the latest NFPA72 and UL864 9th Edition codes, dealers can migrate the installation from older 2G radios or POTs lines, save the account money, pay as little as $29.95 for StarLink Fire Radio and get new RMR from the fire alarm account in the process.