In a newly released whitepaper, “What is 2G and How Does It Affect Me?” ipDatatel examines the alarm industry’s past, present and future, touching on topics from the current 2G situation to the Internet of Things.

The alarm industry’s growth has always benefited from incorporating new technologies, the company stated on its website. Over the next several years, the security industry will be faced with and impacted by unprecedented changes in communication and connectivity. These changes will impact both the industry’s hardware manufacturers and the independent dealers who will use this new equipment to integrate and install advanced alarm system components for their customers. The challenges facing the industry as a result is what ipDatatel calls the coming “Telepocalypse.”

“The sunsetting of the 2G standard will undoubtedly add to the challenges already facing the alarm industry,” said Russell Vail, ipDatatel CEO. “However, forward-thinking and planning ahead can create valuable and profitable opportunities for alarm dealers.”

ipDatatel’s new white paper is a good place to start, Vail added.

ipDatatel offers several cellular and Internet alarm communicators that utilize the Verizon CDMA network and Internet connectivity, enabling redundancy and future-proofing alarm communications.

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