CEDIA and CEDIA EMEA announced their intent to formally integrate to one unified worldwide association, bringing significant benefits to all members. 
“Many of our members may not realize that CEDIA EMEA has been operating under a licensing agreement since that office opened in 1997,” said Vin Bruno, CEDIA CEO. “While we have enjoyed a strong and productive partnership, we have identified that the member experience could be more seamless, the brand voice more consistent and our services to members improved through a formal integration.”  
This strategic move towards formal integration follows the increasing globalization of CEDIA member businesses and is a natural evolution for CEDIA after the implementation of the new global brand last year, the organization reported. The integration brings with it several key benefits including streamlined governance, broad global support and added value for all CEDIA members. 
Streamlined Governance 
With integration, CEDIA will streamline its governance to make decision-making more efficient, representative and consistent. Instead of two separate governing boards, the association will be governed by a 13-member global board, comprising nine elected directors who are home technology professionals matching the geographical diversity of the membership and up to four appointed skills-based directors.  
To ensure continuity, stability and balance during the initial integration period, a CEDIA governance task force has determined the slate, approved by both boards. 
Christiaan Beukes  
Sphere Custom Design & Installation – Salt River, Cape Town, South Africa 
Henry Clifford 
LiveWire – Richmond, Virginia 
Ken Erdmann  
Erdmann Electric – Springville, Utah 
Dennis Erskine 
Erskine Group LLC – Vancouver, Washington 
Omar Hikal  
Archimedia – Cairo, Egypt 
Greg Margolis  
HomeTronics Inc – Dallas, Texas 
Rob Sutherland 
Inspired Dwellings – London, England 
Giles Sutton 
JAMES + GILES – London, England 
Joe Whitaker 
The Thoughtful Home – Clayton, Missouri 
Global Support 
The integration of CEDIA strengthens the voice and influence of the association, and its members, both globally and locally. CEDIA members will now have access to a much broader support system through CEDIA’s collective global staff and the deeper resources that it brings. As a global organization, CEDIA will also be able to better advocate for members who work across international borders, and deploy resources wherever they are required by members around the world. 
Added Value for All CEDIA Members 
Unifying as one global organization increases operational efficiencies while decreasing expenses and tax burdens; and these savings will be invested directly back into member programs. With combined resources, CEDIA will be better able to fund outreach to both consumers and the design/build industry and revitalize efforts to grow and develop membership in additional countries. Our unified voice and messaging will ensure that every dollar we spend in promoting CEDIA is amplified.   
CEDIA Americas and Asia Pacific members are encouraged to vote in support of the global integration and new slate of board members. Voting for CEDIA Americas and Asia Pacific will be open September 15 to 20, 2016. Voting stations will be available at the CEDIA 2016 show in the CEDIA booth, as well as through traditional online voting, mail and fax. CEDIA EMEA members will vote at their annual general meeting, which is in November. The effective date of the integration will be January 1, 2017, and the new board will take office at the first board meeting in January.