Autonomous Solutions, Inc. (ASI) and Sharp have teamed up to produce the Sharp INTELLOS Automated Unmanned Ground Vehicle (A-UGV) for security. This automated security robot brings innovation to the security industry by offering a safer, more efficient deterrent for enhanced security.

The INTELLOS A-UGV, launched at the ASIS International show in Orlando, Fla., is a cost-effective, mobile sensor platform that can capture video, audio and environmental data as it patrols assigned areas. Organizations will be able to address the needs of a changing security landscape with the capabilities offered by INTELLOS.

“When it comes to the shifting demands of private and public sector security, the industry integrators and their customers will now have a safe, reliable and cost-effective robotic tool working to safeguard people, assets and infrastructure,” stated Doug Albregts, president, CEO, and chairman of Sharp Electronics Corporation.

Similar to the recently unveiled CNH Industrial autonomous concept tractor, this security robot is built on ASI’s hardware and software platform. Mobius, ASI’s command and control software, enables a single operator to oversee the coordination and cooperation of multiple A-UGVs.

On board the vehicle, the ASI electronics and software facilitate the fusion of multiple sensors like cameras, lasers, and gas and chemical sensors to help the vehicle autonomously perform its missions. ASI relies on Rajant radios to carry vital communications information from the autonomous vehicle back to its servers. This real-time data is relayed to a command center operator who can then monitor the video and analytics. ASI’s agile technology platform will also allow the adoption of any new and relevant technology into the system.

Mel Torrie, CEO of ASI said, “It is great to see solutions built on ASI’s technology platform being rolled out by world leading companies in industries like mining, agriculture, automotive, construction, military and now security. Sharp has been brilliant in their rollout planning to ensure scaling to high quantities very quickly and we are thrilled to be their partner.”

INTELLOS A-UGV provides around-the-clock surveillance. It can detect, inspect, deter, and report; thus doing the boring and hazardous jobs while freeing up security personnel to handle the exceptions from a safe distance. It can be deployed as a standalone solution or intelligently coupled to an existing security team for greater efficiency and safety.

A+ Technology & Security Solutions, Inc., a video security and technology integration company specializing in the convergence of physical and IP video security, will be the first authorized security systems integrator to sell and support the new INTELLOS A-UGV.

A+ Technology & Security Solutions already offers and supports a wide range of security and facility management systems, as well as management software and command center solutions that bring it all together into a centralized management platform. The ability of INTELLOS to provide an autonomous mobile platform for physical security and environmental sensors, the data from which can be monitored, prioritized and managed by these same centralized command center solutions, means an opportunity for A+ to extend exciting new possibilities to its customers. The Sharp INTELLOS A-UGV is particularly well suited for customers with expansive outdoor properties, such as manufacturing, utilities, pharmaceuticals, data centers, airports, rail yards and government facilities, all categories that A+ serves.

David Antar, president of A+ Technology & Security Solutions, explained, “A+ Technology & Security has always prided itself at being ahead of the curve in recognizing the value of emerging technologies, and there is no question that autonomous unmanned ground vehicles will play an important role within the future security marketplace. We are thrilled to be the first integrator to offer the Sharp INTELLOS A-UGV and are looking forward to sharing its possibilities with our customers.”

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