Mercury Security announced its new MS Bridge series of Authentic Mercury hardware for “screwdriver-less” upgrades from legacy Software House iSTAR Pro systems to open, interoperable access control. The MS Bridge includes multi-device interface panels that leverage most of the existing legacy system infrastructure, enabling a direct board swap for migration. The solution provides end-user customers a cost-effective and streamlined path to move beyond the limitations of proprietary hardware.

“Our new solution is built on the Authentic Mercury open platform designed for interoperability, so organizations can take advantage of new features and functionality available today, as well as future technology and enhancements down the road,” said Matt Barnette, president of Mercury Security.

The MS Bridge eliminates as many of the system installation requirements as possible — including the need to re-wire legacy devices in order to reduce the impact of system changeover. The Authentic Mercury model also provides the freedom for customers to choose from access control software providers.

The MS Bridge multi-device interface panels are designed to fit the specific physical parameters of Software House’s iSTAR Pro Series access systems. To upgrade, customers simply disconnect the Software House iSTAR Pro board and connect the appropriate Mercury MS Bridge panel for an easy, screwdriver-less changeover to the Authentic Mercury open platform.

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