Security locks and door hardware aren’t as cut-and-dried as they used to be. In fact, these critical items in any access control system naturally follow industry trends, meaning that wireless, power over Ethernet (PoE), integration with other parts of the system, and even the burgeoning cloud and mobile credential trends have reached all the way to the door and its peripherals, say security industry distributors.

“We have seen a lot of the manufacturers in the straightforward electrified locking category moving towards motorized locking technology,” says Bill Smoyer, Western regional sales manager, Access Hardware Supply, San Leandro, Calif. “Then there are other aspects such as the integrated specialty locks including Wi-Fi, PoE, and hardwired solutions that have all the feature sets built into the locks themselves.”

Smoyer says the motorized solutions provide a couple of benefits, including cost savings on the operation of the unit.

Some manufacturers are even designing for “green,” with locks and other products that are ecologically friendly and reduce the energy and cost to operate.

Other big trends in access control in the past few years have included more and more options for mobile credentials, and the integrated lock manufacturers are listening, says Christie Hamberis, senior vice president, ScanSource Networking and Security, Greenville, S.C. “As with many technology applications, the use of the smartphone is becoming more prevalent. HID’s mobile access solution is a good example of the next big thing, where users may move away from the traditional card and enable secure access through the mobile phone.”

Beyond mobile, she says the cloud is also making its way to the door. “Many products are moving to the cloud and we will likely see access control solutions do the same.”

Indeed this is already starting to happen, with a few manufacturers offering cloud management for their locking devices.Read on for a sampling of some of the latest locks, integrated locksets and other electrified hardware, many of which demonstrate these trends.


Getting More Comfortable With Doors

Distributor Bill Smoyer of Access Hardware Supply has seen a shift in recent years from integrators who sub out door work to locksmiths to more and more who choose to learn how to install an integrated lock or electric strike. He attributes this, in part, to the increasing reliability of wireless locksets, particularly on college campuses.

“I have seen a little bit of a change in the acceptance from integrators. I see a lot of integrators where the big thing they are concerned about is having something that they can put in and it will be relatively problem free. They are changing their minds as they have good experiences with these products.”

But often, as more of these products blend the electronic with the hardware all in one, that requires integrators to touch the door, which has not traditionally been their area of expertise. Distributors and manufacturers alike offer extensive training to integrators looking to do their own installation of both wireless and wired locksets. But, he adds, it can be a “use it or lose it” type of thing.

“The challenge I have seen is they will get certified, and if they don’t do a project for a while, they will lose some of that [knowledge],” Smoyer says. “Most integrators we deal with are doing their own hardware on a daily basis. But if they aren’t, they will have to look at that in order to be competitive in the future. They need to have control over that trade to provide complete services so they aren’t calling locksmiths.”

As integrators are called on to do more and more of this type of work, Smoyer suggests getting training and keeping up on it, or bringing on staff that is experienced with the hardware side. “If they start out and want to install more of the simpler solutions and mag locks I know [manufacturers like ASSA ABLOY] teach how to cut in an electric strike,” he says. “I would recommend No. 1, they find out what they need.”



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‘Universal’ Strikes Give Installers More Choices

Camden’s new “universal” strikes are equipped with three stainless-steel faceplates designed for ANSI square, round and wood frames. The CX-ED1079L (low profile, for 58-inch latch projection) and CX-ED1079DL (standard depth, for ¾-inch latch projection) Grade 1 ANSI strikes for cylindrical locksets offer universal performance with selectable 12/24V AC/DC and fail-safe/fail-secure operation. With easy-fit connectors, they offer the best strike quality and performance, with the added value of built-in latch monitoring and three stainless-steel faceplates, according to the company. The CX-ED2079 Grade 2 ANSI strike for cylindrical locksets offers low-profile body 58-inch latch projection and, like its Grade 1 counterparts, high quality and performance and three stainless-steel faceplates provided. The “universal” strike design delivers flexibility, with field-selectable voltage, fail-safe/fail-secure operation and mechanical adjustment of the strike body. “These universal strikes allow an installer to use just one strike for any cylindrical lockset installation,” said David Price, marketing manager, Camden Door Controls. “A major benefit is less stock, which is especially important with regard to service vehicles.” Each of these electric strikes is backed by Camden’s no hassle five-year warranty.

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Electrified Locksets Are Built to Last

Marks USA’s ANSI Grade 1 Survivor Series are durable cylindrical lever locksets. When locked, the Survivor’s clutch disengages the outside lever, allowing it to turn freely without opening the latch. Electrified Survivor Series locksets with the “clutch” are available for operation as either fail-safe (electrically locked) or fail-secure (electrically unlocked) models. Marks locksets with the “clutch” survive where rigid levers fail, the company states. Electrified mortise lockets offer the option of additional switches to build on security, such as door position, latch monitoring, bolt monitoring and key bypass monitoring. At three times the BHMA standard, Survivor Series are built to last and withstand constant use, even in the heaviest traffic areas. “With Marks quality engineering and durable design, Survivor can really be the last lock you need to put on the door,” said Bill Sporre, vice president sales, Marks USA. Survivor locksets are UL listed for 3-hour fire rating, satisfy all ADA requirements, and are backed by Marks’ exclusive lifetime mechanical warranty and two-year electronic warranty.

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Cloud-based Locks Designed for Multi-Family Applications

The Yale Multi-Family Lock Management Solution is a single system for securing multi-family properties easily and affordably. Featuring the Yale Accentra management system and industry-leading locking hardware, it is a user-friendly, cloud-based solution for managing access for residents, guests and staff, which helps increase security and convenience while reducing costs. This solution offers integrators an opportunity to grow their businesses by expanding into a new market segment that is growing quickly and has very specific security challenges. By working with these customers to provide a solution designed for their needs, integrators have a significant opportunity for growth.

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Wireless Lock Offers Mobile Support

The next generation IN100 Aperio wireless lock from ASSA ABLOY Group brands Corbin Russwin and SARGENT allows integrators to offer the convenience and flexibility of Aperio wireless technology with the real-time communication of online access control. The IN100 also provides simultaneous support for HID Mobile Access and multiple credential types, enabling integrators to offer facilities with mixed credential populations the option to consolidate to a single credential as budget allows. By offering effortless integration with existing EAC systems they know and trust, integrators can help customers increase their security quickly, easily and affordably.

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Integrated Wireless Lockset Is Real Time

Net2 PaxLock is a battery-powered Net2 access control unit in a secure door handle that comes ready to install with a C Keyway lock or, alternatively, to fit with an SFIC lock core. Communication between Net2 PaxLock and the Net2 server is done wirelessly through Net2Air and the Net2Air Ethernet bridges, providing all of the advantages of a wireless access control system. Any changes made at the PC are communicated and stored at the Net2 PaxLock. When a user presents their token to the reader, the Net2 PaxLock identifies them and permits or denies access as appropriate. “Net2 PaxLock offers the opportunity for customers to quickly and easily add real-time, online access control to areas where cost and accessibility were previously a concern,” said Chris Wilson, product manager – Americas for Paxton. “With Net2 PaxLock it’s possible to expand the system to provide even more security whilst using the same token to gain access to all doors.” The solution enables security integrators to expand an existing Net2 system in just minutes; by simply adding Net2Air bridges to an existing Net2 installation it’s possible to add Net2 PaxLock units where they are needed.

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IP Hardware Platform Offers Free Mobile Credentials

ISONAS continues its Pure IP revolution with the launch of a new hardware platform, the Pure IP family. Whether used as a standalone product or with its Pure Access software, the new ISONAS Pure IP RC-04 hardware platform delivers an entirely revamped aesthetic and forward functionality that increases flexibility for the customer in how and where their access control is installed. The ISONAS reader-controller will continue to be an all-in-one intelligent device. The RC-04 leverages ISONAS’s current patented technology and requires a single CAT5 cable to provide power and data, eliminating the need for a panel and providing a simpler and smarter alternative all at the edge. The addition of a standard backlit keypad and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capability, allows customers to utilize their mobile device as a credential and provide a simpler enrollment and activation process. “The RC-04 product line is game changing for the access control industry,” said Robert Lydic, global vice president of sales at ISONAS. “We have been able to combine the most technologically advanced reader technology with our patented all-in-one reader controllers to dramatically move the industry to IP. End users win by freeing up real estate from bulky panel systems, and the ability to use mobile Bluetooth credentials. ISONAS is introducing free mobile credentials through March of 2017 to enable customers to truly experience the power of Pure IP Access Control.”

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Smart Controller Offers Flexible, Economic Security Solution 

Dortronics recently released its 4800 Series Smart Interlock Controllers. The highly versatile and economical interlock controllers can be user configured in the field to accommodate up to five doors with ample flexibility for various input/output configurations. “Interlocking door controls are growing in popularity as a way to increase facility security,” said Bryan Sanderford, national sales manager, Dortronics Systems Inc. “Our new 4800 Series is aligned with this trend and, by design, gives users more options for door configuring, as well as other features and benefits often found only in more complex and expensive controllers.” The 4800 Series features 12 field-assignable inputs and 17 configurable relay outputs for maximum flexibility. Additional design features include a unique watchdog circuit that constantly monitors operation; LED indicators for input-output connection status; voltage spike and surge protection on all outputs; and adjustable propped door, panic release and door unlock timers. The 4800 Series is available as a board-only module or complete with a heavy duty 4-amp power supply.

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Solutions Interface With Popular Wireless Locksets

Keri Systems, in cooperation with Mercury Security, offers a full assembly of access control hardware and software that will directly interface to most of the popular wireless locks on today’s market. Keri’s Doors.NET software, when coupled to several Keri-supplied controllers, can speak directly to ASSA ABLOY and Aperio Series locks and/or Schlage/Allegion AD-Series wireless locks. Keri Systems has teamed up with Mercury Security for these integrations and is able to furnish its NXT series of two- and four-door controllers with Mercury firmware. Utilizing this architecture or Mercury’s hardware, Keri is able to mix and match the deployment of both hardwired and wireless locks on the same system, which it says delivers unparalleled flexibility to provide access control to difficult or cost-prohibitive installations.

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Sustainable Access Control Solutions Meet ‘Green’ Requirements

Reaffirming a commitment to providing access control solutions that help customers achieve sustainability goals and reduce energy consumption, ASSA ABLOY offers a comprehensive array of high-performing, sustainable access control technologies. These technologies are both designed and manufactured in facilities certified to be environmentally friendly; and individually they contribute to a building’s operational efficiency. Technologies include:

  • Integrated Power-over-Ethernet locks, such as the Corbin Russwin and Sargent IN220, which combine all access control functionality into the lock and use existing Ethernet network cabling for both power and data. These products consume very little power with a maximum of 3.84 watts per lock.

  • Securitron EcoPower power supply, designed to work with low-power electrified access control devices. This small power supply reduces standby power consumption to only 8.5mW (0.0085W), a 99 percent energy savings when paired with the EcoFlex electrified mortise lock from Sargent and Corbin Russwin.

  • EcoFlex electrified mortise locks from ASSA ABLOY Group brands Corbin Russwin and Sargent that reduce energy consumption up to 96 percent compared with standard electrified mortise locks, as certified by GreenCircle.

  • HES EcoStrike Technology, which uses 98 percent less power than traditional electric strikes and is designed to work with the Securitron EcoPower power supply to reduce total door power consumption.

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