Amped Wireless announced that APOLLO long-range, high-definition Wi-Fi cameras are designed to deliver home and office security with maximum flexibility. APOLLO cameras are designed to penetrate through walls and floors to provide up to three times more range than standard cameras. This means that they can be installed in the furthest corners of a home or office, behind a garage, near a pool or in other far-reaching areas that standard cameras aren’t able to transmit from. The line features two units: APOLLO and APOLLO PRO. The APOLLO is equipped with an 80-deg. viewing angle, while the APOLLO PRO offers 110-deg. viewing angle for optimal viewing. APOLLO PRO also delivers two-way audio, allowing the user to speak and listen directly through the camera’s app. For added security, advanced night vision, featured in both cameras, provides clear viewing in even the darkest conditions. Both APOLLO cameras offer 10x digital zoom. APOLLO Cameras ship with a free 30-day cloud recording trial and continued storage options start as low as $3 per month.

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