Manything, the British video monitoring software company, has joined forces with Hikivison to provide a fully integrated security system that can be controlled and viewed from the palm of your hand.

Manything gives Hikvision users the ability to watch live feeds, access video stored in the cloud and remotely control their cameras from the smartphone app or from the Manything website. Manything’s service can work alongside an NVR for additional off-site backup or remove the need for a physical NVR completely. Instead users can easily save and view video content via the cloud.

Installers and distributors of Hikvision cameras can initiate a new recurring monthly revenue stream by reselling Manything subscriptions to their customers. Through just a few simple taps in the Manything iOS or Android app you can setup a comprehensive security camera network that has valuables in its sights at all times — there is no need for port forwarding or router configuration.

Manything overcomes cyber security and bandwidth challenges associated with moving traditional CCTV systems to the cloud. All Hikvision cameras running Manything are non-discoverable and have UPnP and NAT disabled. When videos are viewed they are transmitted over an encrypted TLS or HTTPS channels. Manything also intuitively adjusts frame rate, bit rate and resolution to ensure recorded events are sent to the cloud even in poor network conditions.

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