Orchard Place, a Des Moines, Iowa-based provider of children’s mental health services, is standardizing on 3xLOGIC’s infinias access control across nearly all of its facilities.


With the help of a large professional staff, volunteers, and individual and corporate donors, Orchard Place provides a wide range of mental health services for children including residential, outpatient, in-home and care coordination programs.


“In the past, we used a standard lock and key system,” explained Scott Heldt, director of environmental services, Orchard Place. “Keys were being lost or not returned. This resulted in having to reissue keys for many of our building to our employees.”


Orchard Place employs almost 400 staff, provides therapy services at numerous Des Moines area school sites, and operates a large outpatient program. On their main residential campus, there are six buildings with an 88-bed capacity for clients. Along with residential facilities, Orchard Place operates a K-12 school in cooperation with the local school district.


“With the re-key hassle and expense, senior management recognized the need to make a change. In addition, a better system was needed to continue to meet the accreditation requirements of The Joint Commission in terms of our safety and security standards. Now with our 3xLOGIC infinias system, we are confident Orchard Place is much better positioned to maintain a safe and secure environment for the clients, staff and visitors at our facilities, as would be expected by The Joint Commission and other regulatory bodies.”


3xLOGIC infinias is installed at the main campus, covering all external doors and the internal server room door and maintenance shop door; one door is installed at the PACE Juvenile Center building; and three external doors and one server room door are managed by infinias at the Child Guidance Center, an outpatient facility.


In total, Orchard Place currently has 35 doors under management, with two additional doors planned at the PACE location. “What we’ve installed so far has worked quite well in terms of our growth and needs,” Heldt said. “At my former employer, we had a different access control system that had 8-door limits at a time. It is a real plus to be able to add single doors at an affordable price with our 3xLOGIC system.”