IDIS and partner PSX Inc. announced multiple installations of IDIS video surveillance technology for the Edna Independent School District (ISD) in support of the district’s compliance with Texas Senate Bill 507 (SB 507) requirements. The successful installations, covering multiple classrooms and school sites, demonstrate Edna ISD’s commitment to its special needs communities — including students, teachers, and family members — by providing the highest quality in video and audio monitoring in support of meeting and exceeding care and education standards. Following a number of high-profile incidents of alleged abuse of sometimes non-communicative special needs students, Texas passed SB 507, which requires districts to install audio and video surveillance equipment and recorders in select classrooms where special education services are provided if a parent, school board, or staff member requests it. The IDIS Total Solution has proven a strong fit for school districts, including Edna ISD, needing to meet this requirement. The IDIS Total Solution has a selection of affordable, quality options for school districts, easily scaled to meet any classroom size, configuration, or budget. The IDIS solution crafted by PSX, Inc. meets Edna ISD’s SB 507 compliance requirements with a custom configuration of IDIS cameras and recorders for multiple classrooms and sites. At the heart of the solution is the IDIS DirectIP Super Fisheye Camera, which features mobile dewarping for a clearer picture. It also features IDIS Smart UX Controls, which allow for agile real-time pointing and zooming. “In Edna ISD, the safety of our students, teachers, and staff is a key part of our educational mission,” said Robert O'Connor, superintendent, Edna ISD. “When those in our schools, and the families that love them, know their environment is safe and secure, the educational mission can thrive. We have embraced the SB 507 requirements as yet another tool in ensuring an ideal learning environment for all, providing additional support and protection for our special needs population. The IDIS combination of a fully scalable solution of next-generation technology with a lower total cost of ownership than typically seen in the industry made it the right choice for our needs.” Alan Morris, vice president of sales for PSX Inc., further added, “Edna ISD has proven themselves to be at the forefront of both security and education. While SB 507 compliance has proven a challenge for some school districts, Edna ISD has shown an uncompromising commitment to its special needs students through the selection of technology that provides easy real-time review of classroom behavior and provides the best, clearest evidence possible should an incident occur. I commend the vision shared by Superintendent O’Connor and the entire Edna ISD in selecting a forward-thinking surveillance system that is both highly technologically advanced and responsibly affordable.”