Hikvision USA Inc., a leading provider of artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics and other emerging technologies, and Eagle Eye Networks, a global provider of cloud-based video surveillance solutions addressing the needs of businesses, schools, alarm companies, security integrators, and individuals, announced a video surveillance solution that enables Texas school districts to immediately comply with the video surveillance requirements set forth in Texas Senate Bill 507 (SB-507).

Hikvision and Eagle Eye Networks have partnered to serve the needs of school districts across Texas. The SB-507 Video Surveillance Solution combines Eagle Eye's Cloud Security Camera VMS and Hikvision IP cameras. Features include: 

  • video and audio storage for 90 days;
  • video-sharing capability from any Internet-connected device;
  • mobile app for access to historic or live footage on-the-go;
  • cyber-secure video highly resistant to being hacked;
  • high-definition IP cameras; 
  • restricted user permissions on a camera-by-camera basis;
  • quick and easy installation; and
  • customized alerts (motion, intrusion, etc.).

The requirements set forth in SB-507 are as follows:

• School districts must install audio and video monitoring equipment in any classroom where special education services are being provided at least 50 percent of the time.

• The camera equipment must be capable of recording audio in all areas of that setting.

• School districts are required to store the video/audio recordings for at least 90 days.

• If video clip is requested, it must be available for the school district to review within 48 hours.

“Hikvision is pleased to work with partners like Eagle Eye to provide solutions that make a positive impact for teachers, parents and families,” said Alex Asnovich, head of marketing, Hikvision North America.

The SB-507 Video Surveillance Solution is currently deployed at a major school district in Texas, and several school districts are following suit. “We are pleased to be supporting Texas School Districts with this enhanced video surveillance solution,” added Dean Drako, CEO and founder of Eagle Eye Networks. “We look forward to working with more and more school districts to help them meet their security needs while also creating a safer environment for students, parents, and staff.”

Visit www.hikvision.com for more information.