Vingtor Stentofon puts its turbine video station to the test in this video in which two dogs (a Danish Swedish farm dog and a Jack Russell terrier) snooze in a room with a TCIV-3 turbine. When the turbine suddenly begins playing a recording of several dogs barking, both dogs get up and begin barking back, looking for the dog they appear to believe is in the room with them. The video is an effective demonstration of the clarity and sound quality of the product — and who doesn’t like watching dog videos on the Internet? View the video at

Digi' See This? Revealed

Canadian Web Hosting, a provider of Web hosting, cloud hosting and infrastructure services in Canada, has released its upgraded virtual private server plans that significantly reduce the cost for end-users and utilize cutting-edge cloud infrastructure with no single points of failure, the company reported. All of the plans include SSD storage that gives customers at least 2.5 times more performance.

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