Legrand North America, a global provider of electrical and digital infrastructures, announced its fundraiser for disaster relief through the Red Cross will make a total contribution of $112,540. All money raised will provide assistance to the people and regions affected by natural disasters throughout the country. 

Legrand President and CEO John Selldorff and Data Quality Manager and Better Communities Committee Leader Alyssa Adnani encouraged all North American associates to donate, incentivizing them with a dollar-for-dollar company match. 

“I’m pleased to report that a number of Legrand associates throughout the country generously contributed to this important cause,” Selldorff said. “Since we have much to be thankful for, and we have been fortunate in our achievements this year, I’m very proud to announce that we will contribute the full $100,000 on top of the employee voluntary contributions to support the Red Cross in their ongoing disaster relief efforts.”

Over the past few months, citizens across the U.S. have experienced floods, wildfires, hurricanes and residential fires — events that took the lives of many and left thousands in need of the most basic necessities. 2016 saw 16 consecutive major disasters across the country. As always, the Red Cross has been there to help provide local aid and assistance. 

The Red Cross responds to nearly 66,000 disasters each year — ranging from single-family crises to city- and region-wide crises. The recent relief operation underway in Louisiana is anticipated to cost at least $30 million. As a 501(c)(3) public charity, the American Red Cross relies on the support of generous Americans to fulfill its mission.

“Our employees share a deep sense of responsibility to assist those in need whenever we can,” Adnani said. “Our Better Communities program provides the platform for our employees to give not only their money but also their time to organizations where Legrand can leverage its key competencies for the greatest impact.  We’re happy to be able to help provide assistance to our neighbors and fellow citizens through the Red Cross.”