The new ISONAS Pure IP RC-04 hardware platform delivers an entirely revamped aesthetic with the addition of multiple form factors and forward functionality that increases flexibility for the customer in how and where their access control is installed; whether used as a standalone product or with the ISONAS Pure Access software. The addition of a standard backlit keypad and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) capability enables customers to utilize their mobile device as a credential. The new Pure Mobile application will allow for a simpler enrollment and activation process. As a special bonus, customers can receive their Pure Mobile credentials free during the first quarter of 2017.  Simply receive an activation code from a local partner and make access control into a simple part of the day with the use of a mobile device, the company stated. The RC-04 leverages ISONAS’s current patented technology and requires a single CAT5 cable to provide power and data; eliminating the need for a panel and providing a simpler and smarter alternative all at the edge. Customers can continue to leverage their existing network infrastructure with this new hardware solution.