Mavin Technologies announced its Mavin Security Management Platform version 4.2. Introduced with this release is support for the Allegion NDE wireless locks using ENGAGE technology. The new integration will allow Mavin customers to enjoy the benefits derived from wireless locks while also leveraging the features of an online system that can monitor the wireless door statuses. Mavin SMP 4.2 also includes new email and texting functionality that allows system alarms to be distributed to anyone in the organization without the need to run dedicated software or apps. The Mavin mobile app allows system operators to view cardholder access activity, receive real time in-app notifications, view a door’s current state, and even momentarily unlock doors. Mavin SMP 4.2 also includes TouchID Authentication support for iOS devices, an improved credential/badge design application, enhanced log-in security using one-way hash password authentication, and TLS communications encryption between Mavin and Mercury’s intelligent field controllers.

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