AMICO Security announced that its ANC fence system received an M5.0 security rating in compliance with the ASTM F2781-10 standard, which is used to test the forced entry resistance of security fence systems, an important designation for the military, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, industrial businesses and utilities. The next-generation ANC fence system is a uniquely designed, non-metallic system that is non-conductive and radar friendly, making it ideal for the protection of utility substations, airports and military applications. The ANC fence system is made up of a proprietary composite blend of non-conductive materials configured to increase the strength-to-weight ratio and greatly improve the level of security. Because the system is non-metallic, it is non-conductive and does not require grounding like a traditional chain link fence. The ANC fence system does not interfere with radar signals due to its non-metallic composition.

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