RBtec Perimeter Security Systems’ series of fence alarm processors include a two-zone processor (LPU-402), a four-zone processor (LPU-404) and their new accessories. They feature easy and user-friendly installation, reliable detection and other advanced functionality. The LPU-400 processing unit works with RBtec’s line of sensor cables to provide commercial and industrial businesses with tangible protection through real-time perimeter intrusion detection. This modular design allows damaged components to be easily replaced. Based on RBtec’s modular design principles, the LPU is built from two mainboards and three sub-boards simply mounted on sockets, allowing for easy future upgrades or replacement if needed. The main motherboard has sockets for three boards—CPU, power management and USB-C communication/configuration + tamper sensor. The base of the motherboard connects to an interface board that serves as the connection point to all cables as well as the surge protection board. RBtec provides surge/lightning protection as an integral part of its processor while also allowing for the replacement of only the interface board in the event of surge/lightning damage. The LPU-400 Series supports the connection of up to four zones of up to a conditional maximum of 1,640 ft. per sensor cable. 

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