Iris ID, a provider of iris biometric technology, announced its IrisAccess iCAM7000 identity authentication system has been installed in 12 locations of World Class Iceland, the island nation’s leading chain of gyms.

About 40,000 gym members are enrolled in the system, which includes iris scanners at access points such as main entries, VIP sections and spas. Bjorn Leifsson, World Class owner and managing director, said the Iris ID technology has resulted in faster and more reliable service than previous fingerprint scanners and access card systems.

“The iris system has worked perfectly,” he said. “We require few employees to monitor the access points, are providing a higher degree of security and have happier customers. After the initial enrollment, our customers enter the gym in the second it takes to complete the iris scan.”

Leifsson said World Class is in the process of adding the Iris ID system to new gym locations as they open.

Mohammed Murad, vice president, global sales and business development for Iris ID, said the iris-based identity authentication system is perfect for locations with large numbers of people needing to move quickly through an access point.

“Our iris recognition system is fast and accurate with virtually no false rejections,” he said. “Recent reductions in both product and deployment costs have made iris-enabled access control and identity authentication a practical choice for organizations of almost any size.”