CRC Press released the second edition of Intelligent Network Video, by Fredrik Nilsson, vice president, Americas, Axis Communications Inc. The book gives readers a comprehensive update on all video surveillance technologies and innovations that have taken place in the network video industry over the last eight years since the first edition was released. 

“Deciding to write another book was a huge endeavor and I truly couldn’t have done it without the support of many people in the industry, and of course my colleagues at Axis Communications,” Nilsson said. “There have been many advancements to technology and changes to the industry in recent years. The first edition was so well received that I was often asked to write another, which served as inspiration to work on a second edition.”

This second edition presents the rapidly changing technology landscape of vastly improved image quality, better system performance, and higher level of intelligence in the systems, Axis described in a press release. All content has been fully revised and updated. Two new chapters were added and cover thermal imaging and hosted video technologies. With more than 50 percent more content, Intelligent Network Video, Second Edition continues to serve as a reference for industry professionals who want to understand the latest technology advancements in modern video surveillance systems.

“This book is a must have for seasoned security professionals as well as freshly minted security system engineers as it tethers us to reason, facts and analysis, thus making it possible for us to make good technical decisions about the future,” said Pierre Racz, founder & CEO, Genetec Inc.

“In the highly competitive business of video surveillance, knowledge becomes power and it is a key differentiator. Whether you are beginning your career in the industry or are a veteran, whether you sell solutions or design and implement them, differentiate yourself by gaining extreme knowledge in video surveillance.  Fredrik Nilsson’s Intelligent Network Video provides everything you need to know and more to shine above everyone else,” said Dan Moceri, executive chairman and co-founder, Convergint Technologies. 

The second edition of Intelligent Network Video is now available through Amazon, Barnes & Noble, The ASIS Bookstore and CRC Press.